1900s Middlewich

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This section looks at Middlewich in a wider context, what was the town like on the run up to war? The selection of pictures and maps relate to how the town looked from around the 1900’s, the familiar background which was home to the many that served their country.

Middlewich Urban District Council was the local authority in control. Before 1974 and the creation of the Borough Councils, Middlewich U.D.C was largely responsible for the management of the Town. There exists many letters, documents and other primary sources which tell the story of the response to the Great War and its role within it.

Postcards and telegrams were the main routes of communication and highlight the struggles and affections of those involved in the War effort.

During the war there were many newspaper or booklet publications. Some of the publications were in aid of various funds such as the British Red Cross.

A good resource spot for General information and overview of the town at war is via a book 'Middlewich 1900-1950' by Allan L Earl.


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