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We sent out an appeal to help us build a community board with images of family members either Middlewich men or brought in by today's Middlewich residents. We are still collecting and would appreciate anyone who has information to contact us.
As well as the family photographs there are documents about their families, images of medals won, stories from from the families themsleves and also images relating their family story of following their parents into war. We are always on the lookout for more stories.
Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival is a large scale annual event here in Middlewich and this provides us with excellent opportunities to promote Heritage Events and talk to local people about the project. This resulted in some fantastic donations of information for our Community Wall and offers of help as Volunteers over the weekend.
Included on the community board are items such as samples of the original newspapers we were researching. These were Winsford and Middlewich Guardian and Northwich Chronicle via the LibraryService. These are valuable items of information and a good starting point for anyone who wants to find out about their family. There are examples of letters from Middlewich men, the reports of action, killed or wounded.






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