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Here you will find out about heritage events that have taken place in Middlewich. The articles are supported with photograhs and videos and they are listed in date order, most recent first.

Middlewich In The Civil War
Presented by Middlewich Town Council and the English Civil War Society on 24th and 25th May 2015.

This event would not have happened without the support of the community and especially volunteers. The background research to this event was done is a collaboration between the Heritage Development Officer of Middlewich Town Council and Heritage Volunteers, some of whom are members of the Middlewich Heritage Society.
This event was an opportunity for all visitors to experience what 17th Century life would have been like, how Middlewich may have looked and how people lived. A chance to step back in time to an age of a small market town, involved in one of the bloodiest battles our country has faced. The re-enactors of the Colonel Edward Montagu’s Regiment of Foote have put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that families have a great day out exploring life and warfare in the Civil War era.
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Middlewich and the Great War Project


An Appeal

The newly grant funded project is already making rapid progress with more people coming forward to be involved.

It is apparent that our project will touch local communities in more ways than originally anticipated.

We were contacted by a local resident about his experiences visiting a cemetery in France to see the last resting place of his relative and the emotion he felt at having found out about what had happened to him. After all this time the feeling of remembrance and pride is still strong and he wondered if we were interested in his story and photographs he had taken.

That’s part of what this project is all about, the connection felt within the community and when I thought about it, how many of us make that journey to the battlefields? We are interested in these acts of remembrance and ask who else would want to be a part of this project that has done the same thing? Why did you do it? How did you feel when finally standing in the place your ancestor lived, fought and died?

We would encourage anyone who has a similar story to come forward and also those who have photographs, medals, postcards or any other memorabilia relating to the Great War to come forward and allow us to share your history in the big community exhibition to be held on the 4th and 5th October 2014.

We have scanning facilities at Victoria Building, the Town Hall and would be very pleased and proud to scan your information to be placed on our community board. Of course we are interested in Middlewich men and women but in today’s modern world we have a diverse town and any Middlewich resident is invited to join in the commemoration of their family during the Great War era.

Anyone who is interested in how they can research their family in the Great War or has medals or photographs they cannot identify, please get in contact with Kerry Fletcher, Heritage Development Officer. Due to the Great War Project we have many partnership organisation links including Cheshire East, Cheshire Archives and Imperial War Museum North and connections with other organisations that can help.

Telephone Kerry Fletcher, Heritage Development Officer on 01606 833434 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  latest news on this project can be found on websites: www.middlewich-heritage.org.uk , Middlewich Diary and social media.

Maureen Shaw Panel
Maureen ShawThe Inland Waterways Association (Chester and District Branch) unveiled the ‘Maureen Shaw Panel’ on Saturday 23rd March at 2.00 pm at the Wardle Lock, Middlewich. Many boaters who have passed through Wardle Lock will have fond memories of Maureen acting as unofficial lock keeper. She was always willing to help boaters through but woe betide anyone who ‘abused her lock’!

Sharron Underwood, Maureen’s daughter, flew in from Thailand to do the actual unveiling and Fiona Bruce, MP for Congleton, who is the current holder of IWA’s ‘Parliamentarian of the Year’ award for her work in supporting the waterways, delivered the following tribute:


"It is a pleasure and a privilege to be here at this unveiling today on what I understand is the shortest canal in the UK at only 100 feet long! I have been asked to speak today about the importance of keeping alive the stories of people like Maureen who had such a rich heritage on these canals. It is so important that the ‘past life’ of the canals, when they were places to both work and live, is both remembered and honoured. The canals played such a valuable part in the industrial revolution and the heritage and success of England can be documented in their channels.

Middlewich Wartime Event 2012

Civic Hall and Town, 20th -22nd September.

We had a fantastic response to our wartime exhibitions and we’re very grateful to the community for coming forward with information, wartime memories and family mementos. The exhibition for the second Wartime Weekend is bigger and better then before with fantastic inputs from Charlotte Peters Rock and her research on Byley Airfield. Exhibits are not just from our community but also from Middlewich Royal British Legion, Congleton Museum, and Chester Military Museum. We have also peered into previous wartime Middlewich with a look at the Civil War, courtesy of Allan Earl, with information and image of the Boer War and of course the Great War. Many thanks go out to all the contributors for the weekend, it has been made all the more special because of your efforts.

The information panels were well read over the weekend, people really spent time looking round and it was great that the boards were so different to Charlotte’s work, provided a good contrast.

The Olympic display from Jackie Bagnall was a star for many, being able to see the 1936 Berlin Games was fascinating in the current climate, a big plus for schools as well.

short home-made film, and two more documentary films of the agricultural show in 1937 and the celebrations of King George VI Coronation. Brilliant to watch! Unfortunately this was not as popular this time but did provide something different.

Entertainment runs throughout this free for all family events, from Market Field to the Church, Bull Ring and Town Centre. – Entertainment at the Civic, Market field and church were well received, brilliant response to the street entertainment as well. The only small problem was the bullring on Sunday, as we didn’t have anything to really draw people in there, so the dance group were struggling to get a crowd. They ended up performing at Market Field, which was a good solution.

We had a fabulous programme of entertainment via re-enactment groups WW2 Association and UK Homefront; Military Vehicles, the Lytham St. Anne’s Spitfire Static display and a flight Simulator. Back by popular demand is Blitz and Peaces who got everyone singing in the streets last time out and talented vocalist Fiona Harrison; they’ll be joined this year by Katie Spitfire and an array of Brass Bands playing at the Bull Ring and at Market Field.

Middlewich Salt Event 2012

Middlewich Civic Hall, 19th & 20th October

Aims of the exhibition

  • To develop a salt exhibition this stretches the boundaries of Middlewich into associated trades in the Town and the importance of the Salt Routes.
  • To present Middlewich as an Industrial Heritage site, looking at how the past and present connect with regards to the community, jobs, tourism.
  • To help people understand how important Cheshire salt was through the ages and how we make salt today.
  • To connect our town to other salt towns, creating a tourist route between us.
  • To introduce the Ecosal-Atlantis concept and get people thinking about a wider tourism network.
  • To get or to network other groups into the salt route idea and work together creating tourism/event links.

The preview day only had one school, St Mary’s, which was disappointing but the morning went well and the children learned a lot from their visit. The class had been on a town tour, so had already started on the canal and salt projects, I found that the children had retained a lot of information. The opportunity at the exhibition was to handle items and look at pictures we had previously talked about.

Winsford Town Council, members from Weaver Hall and Nantwich Museum came on the Friday to see the exhibition and to take part in some way; this is also part of our networking to understand more about where we all are in terms of Heritage development. Plus how we can fit together next year to create a foundation of events and activities that support one-another

Colin Edmondson who is the Historian for the River Weaver brought his salt route information and networked with others about moving forward with links between each township and possible interpretation that could be useful for both Ecosal and saltscape projects.

Andrew Fielding came to represent Ecosal-Atlantis project and to talk to the community about the project and what it could mean for Middlewich.

Saturday we had Jonathan Lloyd visiting us from Shropshire who is a board member for the European route of Industrial Heritage. He was interested in our town and stayed for a while looking at the information and talking about connections between Ecosal and his project. We will meet up at a later date to exchange some ideas and discuss more in depth about what we want to achieve in the town.

Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

Celebrating a 10 year anniversary, Middlewich Town Council held The Roman Middlewich Festival on the 24th and 25th September 2011.

Located on this website are links to photographic galleries containing many fantastic images of this years Roman Event. We also have ‘you tube’ footage via James Balme and as a special request from many visitors; we now have the ‘Roman Fort Virtual Tour’ video.

Many thanks to those who sent in photographs, the spirit of the Festival was certainly captured, enjoy!

“The Roman Middlewich Project has had such a major influence in our Town over the last decade, in terms of creating a pride in our community; developing the awareness and profile of Middlewich, engaging volunteers, and encouraging community groups to become involved with the Civic life of the Town”.

“I take great pride in being Mayor of this Town, and I value our Heritage and sense of Community. I hope, after attending this event that you will understand why”.

Cllr Sonya Edwards, Town Mayor


A video covering many aspects of the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011 is available by clicking on the link below.

Watch Video
The Ermine Street Guard at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

The Ermine Street Guard Roman Re-enactment Society is dedicated to research into the Roman Army and reconstruction of Roman armour and equipment. Since forming in 1972, the guard has become firmly established as the leading society making such a detailed, accurate study of the subject. Each piece of equipment is made as authentically as is practical by guard members.

Ermine Street Guard Re-enactment SocietyTheir displays at Middlewich include aspects of Roman soldier training, firing artillery, a static army camp and two fully equipped Roman Cavalry. Prior to the festival, members of the Guard have visited schools, to give children a real taste of life as a Roman soldier.


Raphael Falconry at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

Regarded as the UK’s leading authority on authentic, high quality flying displays. The Static Display is a carefully crafted period tent customised to house the flying team, to a very high standard of historical authenticity.

It is open each day between flying displays for you to see the birds at rest, take photographs and talk to the falconers. Read more about them at their excellent website www.raphaelfalconry.com

Roman Cavalry and Chariots at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

Roman cavalry and chariots by Atkinson Action Ponies.

We were very lucky to have 2 replica chariots loaned to us by English Heritage. Together with trained horses and stunt- riders, they provided a fantastic spectacle of arena action and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Salt-Making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

The Salt-Making Activity was part of a partnership project between Middlewich Town Council and Andrew Fielding representing the Ecosal Atlantis project. Run in the UK by Bournemouth University, the project is in its infancy but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with progress.

We are delighted to be a part of this European partnership, focusing on Salt Routes / trade on the Atlantic coast line of which Middlewich was an important part. There is an opportunity for all the locations within the partnership, to learn more about salt-making and think about more effective ways of collecting data, engaging the public and linking with sites different from our own.

The project website can be found at ecosal-atlantis.ua.pt/

Main objectives of the project

Produce guidelines for cultural and heritage management of the salt working sites based on a heritage database containing natural and cultural heritage data. Good cultural and heritage management and enhancement of natural areas needs good knowledge of the potential of those territories therefore the data obtained should be easy to use and disseminate.

‘Establish guidelines for heritage management of the salt-working areas (natural and cultural) which support the Route in two ways: internally – as a tool for the partners work; externally – information/dissemination actively involving the public with the sites’.

A video of the Salt-Making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011 is available by clicking on the link below.


Watch Video
Pottery-Making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011

Each roman legion would have had it's own pottery maker to meet the legions requirements for a wide variety of bowls and vessels.

Just how the pottery was made way back in Roman times was demonstrated at the festival and visitors to the festival were able to discus all this with the potter as he worked at his wheel.


A video showing pottery-making at the Roman Middlewich Festival 2011 is available by clicking on the link below.

Watch Video
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