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This 65 minute CD is available from Middlewich HeritageThe People Gallery features a selection of samples from the War At Home CD. The full CD runs for 65 minutes and is available from Middlewich Heritage (click here for contact details).

A very special thank you to all the interviewees that took part in this project.


What was the reaction of the people of Middlewich at outbreak of WW2?

This sample from the CD gives a small insight to their feelings at the time.

Bombs And Planes

Here you can listen to some of the memories of local people when an aeroplane crashed and bombs were dropped.


Evacuation affected many people in different ways and here are a few stories recalling the impact of housing evacuees.

We Hear The Sound

Recollections of a then young boy of how one evening he was watching the bombing of Liverpool only to find a bomb nearer home getting his attention.

Food And Rationing

Times were hard and just about everything was rationed. Looking back, what are the recollections of Middlewich people of those difficult times?


With everybody either fighting or working what opportunities were there for entertainment? In this short sample we hear how one lady remembers it.


War Work

During World War 2 work was all about supporting the war effort, those that were not fighting all had to do their bit.

The End

The end of World War 2 was a massive relief for the people of Middlewich. It was cause for celebration but how did they manage to celebrate when they had so little.


The War At Home CD contains recorded interviews with Middlewich people who lived through the 2nd World War. Their memories help us all to get some idea of their experiences of what life was like at the time.

The production of the CD has been a collaboration that is credit to all that took part, who was involved?


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