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Here are the rules for the photographic Competition! For further information phone Kerry Fletcher on 01606 833434
Middlewich Civil War Event 2015

The surprising truth behind a forgotten battle.


Cheshire has a fantastic and colourful past; here in Middlewich we’ve been taking a look back to a time of Civil War. If anything, this is the war that defined us as a nation. Family turned on family and in the battle for control, no-one or nothing was left untouched.

Our ever enthusiastic volunteers have been snooping around piecing together the two battles of Middlewich. This is something you don’t just come across, many books and events highlight other important and strategic battles but Middlewich is rarely mentioned. But thanks to the Heritage Officer and her trusty band of volunteers, we’ve found out that Middlewich was no simple skirmish but a full blown battle. Hundreds of people lost their lives here, leaving the town damaged, livelihoods put in danger and the church was left in ruins. We’ve re-drawn the battle lines and pieced together what happened and who were the people involved.


This is our chance to put our side of the story across and bring a forgotten battle back out of the mists of time. See our story, share our finds and commemorate all those who lost their lives here, often in horrific ways. We’ve joined forces with the English Civil War Society to re-enact what Middlewich was like at the time of the Civil war in the 1640’s and the type of battle local people would have been facing.

This is a unique opportunity to come along to a free event in the heart of Cheshire, plenty of displays, activities, bangs, pikes and shouting as the battles get underway and the cannon roars to life after 373 years.


24th and 25th May 2015

St Michael and All Angels Church, The Town Hall and Market Field are the display and activity areas, come along and find out what Civil Warfare was really like.


For more information contact:

Kerry Fletcher, Heritage Development Officer 01606 833434

Your Heritage Photographic Competition

Welcome to the sixth Photographic Competition! Explore Cheshire Heritage and wildlife, capture an image and enter this years competition. Entry is Free, Prizes to be won and all work is exhibited at the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival on the 20th and 21st June. Join in the fun and get snapping!

Entry form available from this website

Further information on 01606 833434 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Press release: Middlewich’s preparations for a busy 2014
As another year draws to a close, Middlewich Town Council looks to the challenges that await us for 2014. The dominant feature from the heritage point of view is the commemoration of the Great War; it is one hundred years since the start of the ‘War to end all Wars’. It is a time, to not only remember those involved but to look at the impact on our own towns and changes to our community. War is still unfortunately a feature of modern times so the act of remembrance is important for all people involved in defending our country.

The project therefore is harder to do than previous events and so a change was required in the way we went about organising next year’s heritage event. A balance of respect, understanding and re-creating the atmosphere of that era, that will sit alongside an event for all the family to take part in learn and enjoy.
Over the next few months Middlewich Town Council will be releasing information about the event and those who are taking part, so we are asking readers to keep an eye out in the local press and websites for the latest information.

Our attention at the moment is fixed on the way Middlewich Societies contributed to the war effort, especially the Horticultural Society and the Agricultural Society, both were large societies and they put on what was probably the biggest Cheshire Country Show of its time and well reported in all the local papers and magazines of the day. During 1915 the two societies decided to amalgamate, they still tried to run shows in order to raise morale but members were also fighting a battle of their own, trying to keep the farms producing much needed food with greatly reduced manpower.

The newly established society began to put on smaller shows on different themes in order to raise money for the War effort and often joined forces with women’s groups. This joint working amongst societies meant that Middlewich raised a lot of money for the troops and produced many food parcels, warm clothes, messages from home and comforts such as cigarettes or chocolate.

It is fitting therefore that we try to re-create that camaraderie of groups working together and we are looking for people to be involved with this. The Middlewich Show Society still runs today and has very kindly agreed to be a part of the Great War Weekend, so we are looking for budding gardeners and growers to get involved. Have you got plans for your garden or vegetable patch for next year? If so why not exhibit next year to help raise funds for today’s heroes? Let’s get planning…enjoy your garden, enjoy growing and enjoy exhibiting!

Taking part just couldn’t be easier, details of the Middlewich Show Society and the Great War event will be printed in the Middlewich 2014 what’s On Guide and details of how to enter and participate will be on line nearer the event on and the official Middlewich Town Council website

For further details or if you are part of a group that wants to get involved in the Great War Project contact Kerry on 01606 841379 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Photos: Cliff Astles
Press release: The Middlewich Settlement Exhibition Project wins Heritage Lottery Fund Support.





Today Middlewich Town Council has received £8,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) through their Sharing Heritage programme, for an exciting project, The Middlewich Settlement Exhibition – Heritage Community Partnership in Action. Led by Middlewich Town Council and working with Cheshire East Council, Cheshire West Museums, Middlewich Heritage Society and our volunteers, the project focuses on revamping the 2001 Roman exhibition in the library. This space is the only permanent heritage link to schools, community and visitors, making it very valuable.

Collectively we want to achieve a more effective use of the space, design new interpretation boards, buy an extra display case and access new materials, giving more control to the community in terms of what they want to see represented.

The aim is not simply a one-off change to the Library Exhibition but to build a programme of sustainable minor changes to accommodate different themes or new finds. This means that the Middlewich Settlement Exhibition is community driven, a permanent public space that can change and evolve. We will focus on the relationship between the early settlers and modern Middlewich, presenting us with an opportunity to compare the different settlements through the ages and bring new objects out of store.

As this work involves handling of objects, we will photograph and document any objects important to our understanding of the town's development. This can be viewed as a 'virtual museum' working alongside the exhibition, allowing even more public access to collections.

Commenting on the award, Kerry Fletcher, Heritage Development Officer said: “This award brings with it a fantastic opportunity for Middlewich to have greater control and flexibility over its heritage and what we want to convey.  The library is a key site for the public to gain access to archaeology and information on Middlewich, whether it’s the local residents, schools or visitors to our town”

‘We are excited to be involved in a project that will make the archaeology of Middlewich more accessible to the people of Middlewich’.  Laura Pooley, Keeper of Early History, Cheshire West Museums.

Explaining the importance of the HLF support, Sara Hilton, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund North West, said: “This is an extremely exciting project driven by the residents of Middlewich. It demonstrates how our heritage can be a living part of a community bringing people together to learn from and enjoy their shared identity. We are delighted to be giving this very worthwhile venture our full support.”




Press Release: ‘Middlewich and the Great War Project’ wins Heritage Lottery Fund support




Middlewich Town Council’s ‘Middlewich and the Great War Project’ wins Heritage Lottery Fund support.

Today Middlewich Town Council has received £9,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) through their Sharing Heritage programme, for an exciting project, Middlewich and the Great War. Led by Middlewich Town Council, the project focuses on schools, community groups and residents coming together to commemorate and increase our understanding of the Great War era.

Through the project we aim to explore the Great War and its impact on our community by setting a challenge from the Town Mayor and Middlewich Town Council to local schools and community groups. This challenge would be a framework of ideas linked to the 'Roll of Honour' and background research carried out by Middlewich Heritage Officer, volunteers and local historians looking at Town life and the War effort.

The project would consist of schools and groups taking ownership of the different parts of the project such as the serving armed forces, role of the Red Cross, the war at home, and Great War battles that Middlewich men were involved in, etc. Each part would be developed by the different groups and the results brought back together again in a large scale Town Exhibition on 4th and 5th October 2014. This means that the information gathered is safeguarded for the future as each part is explored in different ways and the resulting methods shown to the wider public. Chosen forms could be poetry, media, interpretation boards, art-work or drama pieces.

Commenting on the award, Kerry Fletcher, Heritage Development Officer said: “It’s fantastic that we have the support of Heritage Lottery Fund. This guarantees that the project isn’t just delivering a weekend  of commemoration, but involving and supporting people of all age groups in the community  producing exhibition materials about what the Great War means to them.  It’s an opportunity to explore,  examine roles of the era and learn new skills, which we are very excited about”

Caroline Beechener, the Head of History for Middlewich High School said: Support from the Heritage Lottery Fund will facilitate a great opportunity for Middlewich young people to work together on a lasting project for the community.”

Explaining the importance of the HLF support, the head of the HLF in the North West, Sara Hilton, said: “The impact of the First World War was far reaching, shaping every corner of the UK and beyond. The Heritage Lottery Fund has already invested more than £15million in projects of all sizes that are marking this global Centenary enabling communities like those involved in Middlewich to explore the continuing legacy of this conflict and help local people to broaden their understanding of how it has shaped our modern world.”

Medieval Ring Press Release

In June 2013, on behalf of Middlewich Town Council, Ian Doughty Chair and Collections Manager of Congleton Museum travelled to the British Museum, London, to collect a 17th Century Gold Mourning Ring.

Mourning Ring

This brings to an end a year long wait for this beautiful ring to make its way back to Cheshire. It was found in Middlewich and classed as Treasure Trove, meaning a frantic few months for Middlewich Town Council to not only raise sufficient funds for the purchase of this ring but also find a way of showing it to the public.

Thanks to the assistance of Congleton Museum, Middlewich Town Council have joined forces to ensure that this ring stays in the care of the community from where it came. Funds were raised through Heritage Donations from activities such as Talks and Tours and a contribution by the Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service, enabling us to save it from an open sale.

Regulations that govern Museums in England means that the ring had to go to an Accredited Museum and as Middlewich is still in the early stages of planning this accreditation, Congleton Museum very kindly stepped in to help.

So why was it so important for us to save this ring for our community? The ring itself is very beautiful and intricately worked by a fine jeweller; it is also a rare find in Middlewich, especially of the Restoration – King Charles II era.

The ring has a story to tell about the status of Landowners and influential families in the Cheshire area and can help us to understand more about the history of Middlewich. It can also act as a catalyst for further collection items or loans from this unique period of history and can be used as part of school or community project work. Ultimately Middlewich Town Council seeks to protect Middlewich Heritage, showing items like this in a future town exhibition.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to have this item to show to the community, it represents a difficult period in the lives of Middlewich people but also the status of the landowners.

Congleton Museum have very kindly loaned their support by helping us to store the item until we can get it on display. Their help has been fantastic and shows what we can do when we work together.

It is only now that the ring is in procession of Congleton Museum that we can clearly see the delicate markings on this ring, such precision required for the jeweller to produce.

The ring itself is small, delicate and highly decorative, there is hardly any ware, the inscription is as clear as the day it was engraved. This is suggestive of a ring either not worn often or lost early on. If our time line of manufacture is around 1658 – 1669, there are many candidates for the ring’s owner, including Frances and Katherine Venables both widows of the last two Barons of Kinderton.

A history is currently being compiled to unravel the story and mystery behind the ring and its wearer ready for an exhibition, the first of which will be at Congleton Museum.

Working in Partnership with Middlewich Town Council, Congleton Museum will arrange the first ever public outing of this beautiful find. The exhibition date will be announced later this year by which time we will also be able to advise on the long-term arrangements for display.

A big thank you to everyone involved including Middlewich High School who made a short film highlighting the need for donations.

Weaver Hall Museum 22 September 2013 - Cancelled

This event has been cancelled at the last minute.

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