Press release: Middlewich’s preparations for a busy 2014
As another year draws to a close, Middlewich Town Council looks to the challenges that await us for 2014. The dominant feature from the heritage point of view is the commemoration of the Great War; it is one hundred years since the start of the ‘War to end all Wars’. It is a time, to not only remember those involved but to look at the impact on our own towns and changes to our community. War is still unfortunately a feature of modern times so the act of remembrance is important for all people involved in defending our country.

The project therefore is harder to do than previous events and so a change was required in the way we went about organising next year’s heritage event. A balance of respect, understanding and re-creating the atmosphere of that era, that will sit alongside an event for all the family to take part in learn and enjoy.
Over the next few months Middlewich Town Council will be releasing information about the event and those who are taking part, so we are asking readers to keep an eye out in the local press and websites for the latest information.

Our attention at the moment is fixed on the way Middlewich Societies contributed to the war effort, especially the Horticultural Society and the Agricultural Society, both were large societies and they put on what was probably the biggest Cheshire Country Show of its time and well reported in all the local papers and magazines of the day. During 1915 the two societies decided to amalgamate, they still tried to run shows in order to raise morale but members were also fighting a battle of their own, trying to keep the farms producing much needed food with greatly reduced manpower.

The newly established society began to put on smaller shows on different themes in order to raise money for the War effort and often joined forces with women’s groups. This joint working amongst societies meant that Middlewich raised a lot of money for the troops and produced many food parcels, warm clothes, messages from home and comforts such as cigarettes or chocolate.

It is fitting therefore that we try to re-create that camaraderie of groups working together and we are looking for people to be involved with this. The Middlewich Show Society still runs today and has very kindly agreed to be a part of the Great War Weekend, so we are looking for budding gardeners and growers to get involved. Have you got plans for your garden or vegetable patch for next year? If so why not exhibit next year to help raise funds for today’s heroes? Let’s get planning…enjoy your garden, enjoy growing and enjoy exhibiting!

Taking part just couldn’t be easier, details of the Middlewich Show Society and the Great War event will be printed in the Middlewich 2014 what’s On Guide and details of how to enter and participate will be on line nearer the event on and the official Middlewich Town Council website

For further details or if you are part of a group that wants to get involved in the Great War Project contact Kerry on 01606 841379 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Photos: Cliff Astles
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